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Edmund Spencer is a performance installation sculptor who has turned to painting. While he primarily uses oil as his medium of choice, he incorporates spray paint and acrylic to lay the initital layers for his larger canvases. Simultaneously, he creates unique and limited series prints.

Drawing inspiration from the fleeting beauty found within everyday experiences, Edmund's work is a celebration of the ephemeral. He is captivated by the transient aesthetics of both nature and human interactions, as well as moments of solitude. Central to his artistic expression are image creation, psychedelic aesthetics, and the exploration of the human form. In addition, he seeks to breathe new life into the mundane through still life representations and by rekindling our sense of wonder in the ordinary.

Edmund's work delves into profound themes of life and death, using vibrant and intense colors to invite viewers to confront aspects of existence often overlooked or hidden away from our conscious awareness. His art serves as a vivid and compelling lens through which we can explore the concealed aspects of life that are too frequently left unexamined.

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